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VISIARC provides professional app consulting services

— a trusted partner creating digital products and services.

At present, we live both our private and professional lives constantly connected, where behaviors and technologies are rapidly changing. In this increasingly connected era companies need a partner to assist in delivering the whole product. These changes and the speed of digitization offers great opportunities to be taken advantage of. No industry or organisation is left untouched. VISIARC is a world class award-winning product innovation company. Today, apps are software with underlying systems typically hosted in the cloud. We're a software and systems company geared to add the digital layer that we see transform how the world works. As a partner, we help our customers with their digital product development from strategy, design and development to maintenance.

Digital Success

VISIARC is a Complete App Partner — a trusted software and system design and development company, specialised in apps and underpinning infrastructure — a key to success.

Step 1 Your way to Success

Service & Product Design

As a supplier we offer complete solutions from graphic design, UX design, development, test, launch, maintenance and continuous agile development. We can take on a project and take it from idea to fully realised project and offer strategic advice on adjusting the roadmap to both pro-act and react to changing behaviors and grasp opportunities as they appear. The app may be what your users see, but today it's typically the tip of an iceberg of an intricate web of underpinning systems and services, all requiring thoughts, architecture and design .

Step 2 Strategize, Design, Develop, Test

All Apps are Unique & Need to Wow

Depending on different customers' needs and conditions we assist in making crucial decisions in terms of technologies to use both in the app end as well as on the cloud or on-premise end. What framework is best? Native app or web app? Every case is unique. We're agnostic and pragmatic when helping to select the best frameworks and tools.

Step 3 Impression

Lifecycle Perspective

Digital is an endless journey. Tech development never rests. Platforms evolve and your products and services need to be updated. You need to keep up to stay ahead. VISIARC has frameworks, toolkits and ready-made components that allow rapid and cost efficient design and development, but sharing components means less maintenance cost.

Step 4 Support, Maintain, Iterate

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